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  • 2010.06.23 Wednesday
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Best-Dressed Wedding Guest


Summer wedding season is just around the corner, and designer Tracy Reese has one key rule when it comes to dressing for such occasions: "Dress to shine," she says. "It shows your support of the celebration. You should totally be festive and gorgeous―not somber."

Ms. Reese, who first made her name as a designer of feminine, flirty dresses, notes that she generally doesn't wear black to a wedding. She chooses a bold color such as deep red, dark purple or orchid. "It's happier," she says. She also tries to avoid wearing a color that is a theme in the wedding. "I don't think you should be trying to look like you're one of the bridesmaids," she says.

For afternoon weddings, Ms. Reese will typically pick a floral chiffon dress that ends around the knee―"something floaty and romantic," she says. She sometimes wears patterned maxi dresses―longer, wedding dresses made of a light fabric like silk chiffon―but other than those, she says, "I don't want to wear a long dress unless it's definitely a formal event."

Even for nighttime weddings, she usually wears a dressy cocktail frock. "That tends to be a bit more modern" than a long gown, she says.

At black-tie events, she usually keeps jewelry to a minimum but picks a dress with a little rhinestone or feather detail at the bodice to help her ensemble stand out―it can even be a conversation starter. "If you don't know plenty of people there, sometimes your outfit can help you meet new people," she notes.

Ms. Reese is careful to keep her look polished when attending a daytime wedding. "Don't carry your big day bag," she warns. Instead, she makes sure to carry "a smart clutch" and looks for shoes that are refined rather than casual or beachy, choosing metallic shades or shoes embellished with stones, for example.

For nighttime weddings, shoes have to be suitably dressy, too. A shoe with a printed pattern, she notes, "seems very 'day.' " She also tries not to wear heels that are more than three inches high. "The shoe has to be foxy but not so tall that you can't stand on it for four hours," she says.

Another rule that Ms. Reese says she sticks to at weddings: "Anything too short, too low-cut or wretchedly tight is in bad taste." She adds: "That's not just a wedding thing. It's a life rule."

While miniskirts are in vogue, Ms. Reese feels that any dress above mid-thigh is too short for a wedding. "Four inches above the knee" is as high as she'll let her hemline go.

No matter what she wears, she makes sure to bring a good attitude to the wedding. "When people see you looking great and festive and happy, then they just want to join in the fun."


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