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What brands do you know about tennis rackets?

Wilson tennis racket sales of the world's largest, owns Sampras, Williams and other top tennis players, the new film forms and styles, unusually rich product line, there must be one for you. In addition, Wilson golf, basketball, squash and badminton are also world-class products, the United States worthy of the top 10 brands of integrated campaigns.

Wilson (Wilson) is the world's largest-selling tennis rackets, most professional athletes and amateur brands welcome. Wilson's very rich products, including almost all tennis products, Wilson is also the first metal into the racket in the design and manufacture to the company, Wilson, whether in Asia, Europe, North America has a vast market. 14th Grand Slam players Pete Sampras, in the early nineties S. Edberg, called Sampras successors R. Federer, Masters champion Toronto G. Canas, also from Brazil, like Sampras appearance of Andre Sa, are use Wilson rackets, WTA players more numerous, the top ten ranked WTA players are nearly half of all use Wilson rackets, such as the size of Williams, Davenport, Henin, has retired there 23 times a Grand Slam Graf.

Dunlop and Slazenger; is the United Kingdom the same group two well-known sports brands, to high-quality racket, especially the quality of the tennis world famous Maria. "D-hoop frame design patent, SHOK-BLOK; handle titanium wire shock absorber system enhances the anti-racket and the stability of torque applied to super-strong hope racket control, while a larger sweet area of increase in speed type of ordinary players.'s is Britain's Tim Henman General.

HEAD is the same as the old sports brand in Austria, the quality of not less than that of any competitor, particularly alarming is that its parent company is the world's first supplier of composite materials, its aerospace-grade carbon and super-ceramic in the industry the sole supplier of its products with unique performance, a great possession in the European market. Its players: Kaffir Kalashnikov.

Derived from the German enthusiasm for the pursuit of high-quality products for tennis, brand tennis star Boris Becker as the spokesman. Its products include safety helmets, snow equipment, lawn, mountain climbing packages, flooring, outdoor clothing, although the sun at high noon in Europe, but the visibility in the domestic limited to professional circles, its players: Banh Medicine Division (see large Wei star网羽plate presentation on this brand), I love their brand more!

The world's best ball of two lines and one of fittings suppliers, almost more than 50% of the world's top 100 professional tennis player to use only line BABOLAT balls and accessories, quality no doubt, highly regarded by the industry, the only shortcomings is expensive, so there is no well-known in China. In fact, only understand the BABOLAT, you will understand tennis to a new level, In addition, he produced more than a racket, but also a special one-gong.

Babolat (Babolat) from the famous French tennis brand, in particular, to take line and accessories particularly well-known, popular professional players favor, all kinds of racket is Babolat racket to racket Detection Test Center of the performance indicators, can be seen in the Babolat rackets the design of the authority.

  Babolat racket models produced small, but welcomed by the professional players,'s Pure Drive and Pure Control most representative. Moya, Escude, Corretja, Roddick's Babolat racket and so the use of Chinese have also used Michael's Pure Drive. I love their brand more!


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