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 D’été, beaucoup de couples dans le mariage, les hommes et les femmes sur le point d’entrer. Un parfait mariage romantique, ne peut pas faire sans un parfait robe mariage exquis. Pour la mariée, ce jour est un tournant important dans sa vie, le passage de la jeune fille à la femme témoin de mariage, ce moment crucial. Mariage nées en Occident, les couleurs de mariage en blanc, le blanc représente la pureté de l’amour et la fidélité du mariage. Or, comme l’un des éléments essentiels de mariage, mariage ont été largement diffusés dans le monde, différents pays et régions, grandes et petites, à devenir de jeunes hommes et femmes seront sélectionnés robe de mariée. style de mariage et des couleurs de développement de plus en plus riche, diversifiée et de classification sont de plus en plus détaillée et parfaite.
Maintenant, le mariage selon des normes différentes et le style ne sont pas le même type de division: style sirène, Ball Gown, A-Ligne. . .  Il y a longtemps, bref, de fuite, pas de fuite. La couleur du blanc de la précédente, dans le courant noir, rouge, rose. . . . . Colorful. la production de tissu .Robe de mariée est diverse, de taffetas, dentelle et mousseline, lace, satin, chiffon. . . Traitement et le mariage est et de variétés décoratives. Broderie, appliques, des perles incrustées, pierres précieuses, de diamants. . . . . . Mariage niveau actuel élevé, exécution fine, style unique, noble et généreux, pour répondre aux différents goûts des jeunes.

Je suis absolument terrifié renforcement en face de la caméra

 Elle a ajouté: «Je suis absolument terrifié renforcement en face de la caméra, mais ces robes que vous vous sentiez fantastique, les nerfs rapidement disparu.

"Je veux juste montrer que les vraies femmes - peu importe l'âge que vous ou une robe taille - ne peuvent porter ces robes et se sentent phénoménal."

Au cours des deux dernières années, Mme Mone a maigri de 17 à 11 de pierre en pierre et possède maintenant une taille étonnante Figure 12.

Il s'agit de la première affectation de mannequinat, elle a fait depuis qu'elle a été un modèle dans son adolescence.

MJM international sont également en cours d'exécution d'une recherche sur Facebook pour trouver des 14 "vraies femmes" à travers tout le Royaume-Uni, à paraître dans la prochaine campagne pour Ultimo Couture.

Mme Mone a lancé la campagne le mois dernier et a depuis annoncé neuf femmes qui apparaissent dans le tournage.

Ultimo a été habilement commercialisés par Mme Mone avec chaque nouveau modèle d'attirer l'attention de la presse.

Penny Lancaster a été la première fille Ultimo, mais amie de Rod Stewart a été remplacé après un an par son ex-épouse, Rachel Hunter, le modèle professionnel. Cela a conduit le chanteur à la marque Ultimo le patron "une vache de manipulation".

Best-Dressed Wedding Guest


Summer wedding season is just around the corner, and designer Tracy Reese has one key rule when it comes to dressing for such occasions: "Dress to shine," she says. "It shows your support of the celebration. You should totally be festive and gorgeous―not somber."

Ms. Reese, who first made her name as a designer of feminine, flirty dresses, notes that she generally doesn't wear black to a wedding. She chooses a bold color such as deep red, dark purple or orchid. "It's happier," she says. She also tries to avoid wearing a color that is a theme in the wedding. "I don't think you should be trying to look like you're one of the bridesmaids," she says.

For afternoon weddings, Ms. Reese will typically pick a floral chiffon dress that ends around the knee―"something floaty and romantic," she says. She sometimes wears patterned maxi dresses―longer, wedding dresses made of a light fabric like silk chiffon―but other than those, she says, "I don't want to wear a long dress unless it's definitely a formal event."

Even for nighttime weddings, she usually wears a dressy cocktail frock. "That tends to be a bit more modern" than a long gown, she says.

At black-tie events, she usually keeps jewelry to a minimum but picks a dress with a little rhinestone or feather detail at the bodice to help her ensemble stand out―it can even be a conversation starter. "If you don't know plenty of people there, sometimes your outfit can help you meet new people," she notes.

Ms. Reese is careful to keep her look polished when attending a daytime wedding. "Don't carry your big day bag," she warns. Instead, she makes sure to carry "a smart clutch" and looks for shoes that are refined rather than casual or beachy, choosing metallic shades or shoes embellished with stones, for example.

For nighttime weddings, shoes have to be suitably dressy, too. A shoe with a printed pattern, she notes, "seems very 'day.' " She also tries not to wear heels that are more than three inches high. "The shoe has to be foxy but not so tall that you can't stand on it for four hours," she says.

Another rule that Ms. Reese says she sticks to at weddings: "Anything too short, too low-cut or wretchedly tight is in bad taste." She adds: "That's not just a wedding thing. It's a life rule."

While miniskirts are in vogue, Ms. Reese feels that any dress above mid-thigh is too short for a wedding. "Four inches above the knee" is as high as she'll let her hemline go.

No matter what she wears, she makes sure to bring a good attitude to the wedding. "When people see you looking great and festive and happy, then they just want to join in the fun."

Exercise is important in your life no matter who you are

The pursuit of fitness beyond simple exercise is sending octogenarians to the hockey rink and grandparents to the tennis court. Many early Baby Boomers are saying no to shuffleboard and bingo and yes to marathons and international competition.

"Getting older doesn't mean the juices stop flowing," said Nancy Kinney, 80, of Phoenix, a world age group record-holder in swimming.

The benefit of exercise to slow the aging process is only part of the equation. More competitive events are available to the 50-plus crowd. Additionally, seniors live in an age in which "life is on steroids compared to what it used to be like," said Bettina Lehnert, a Scottsdale psychologist.

"We have come to expect almost anything to be possible in this instantaneous digital age," she said. "People live longer, look younger. It stands to reason that in this environment seniors would push themselves to perform to the highest of their ability."

How to keep healthy in autumn?

"Lit" is caused by lack of co-ordination physical organ, medically known as stress-induced diseases. In general, people in the "lit" and has no apparent symptoms, but the incidence of heart after the performance to speed up the body heat, chapped lips, a very jittery mood, and severe mouth sores, sore throat and other symptoms will affect the body's normal diet , a number of beauty-President (President nutrition products, nutrition information, Ms.) will face the "fiery" big, red, and grow fat pain, to cause inconvenience to live and work.

Experts suggest that to avoid the "lit", first of all to maintain the laws of science and life, time and rest to avoid sleep, regular meals quantitative, not a rush to give up, not a seat for the food and overeating. Second, eat more "fire-ching" of food, fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumber, orange, green tea has a good role Qinghuo, and carrots to supplement the body's vitamin (vitamin products, vitamin information) b, to avoid chapped lips also have a good results. In addition, all kinds of cool oral granules, such as Xiasangju Granule, Granule plant on the "fire-money" are very effective. In addition, in order to maintain peace of mind to avoid the emotional stimuli, "lit."

In the "lit" period, not to eat spicy food, drink, smoking and stay up all night, attention should be paid to maintain oral hygiene, regular mouthwash, drinking plenty of water and under the guidance of the doctors taking "Qinghuo" drug. If the "lit" more obvious symptoms, more than a week has not improved, need to go to hospital for treatment in time.

Make Your Legs thinner in Everyday Life

1, on the stairs when the lift heel to the leg to bear weight, which can be eliminated Andrew inner thighs and buttocks curves.

2, sitting in a chair when the two legs will be forced to build together, from one to 8 after the exchange of legs. Repeated this movement, not breathing
停止. This exercise leg lines.

3, when watching television sitting in the chair, not bending the knee to a leg lift, and then lay down and repeated this action again 8-10 times
For the other leg can be removed on both sides of thigh fat.

4, time walk, when walking faster, as far as possible steps towards greater, so that all the muscles of the legs can be tempered. Simply put, walking is dynamic. This walk should be in the usual habit.

Clothing designer-Valentino's opinion to modern fashion

The 77-year-old designer - full name Valentino Garavani - is disappointed by the way people dress nowadays, adding most have no idea how to put together an outfit. Although he is not designing clothes anymore, Valentino's life is still busy.

Referring to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala which was held earlier this month, Valentino said: "I think now all the girls look very ugly. I saw the pictures of the Metropolitan gala evening last week and I never saw something more ugly, all the girls have their legs out with the most terrible proportions. No, no, no."

Valentino has been retired for over a year, but insists he is still as creative as ever.

He told Britain's The Observer newspaper: "I have so many ideas I could design a collection in two days, but I don't miss the work at all."

What brands do you know about tennis rackets?

Wilson tennis racket sales of the world's largest, owns Sampras, Williams and other top tennis players, the new film forms and styles, unusually rich product line, there must be one for you. In addition, Wilson golf, basketball, squash and badminton are also world-class products, the United States worthy of the top 10 brands of integrated campaigns.

Wilson (Wilson) is the world's largest-selling tennis rackets, most professional athletes and amateur brands welcome. Wilson's very rich products, including almost all tennis products, Wilson is also the first metal into the racket in the design and manufacture to the company, Wilson, whether in Asia, Europe, North America has a vast market. 14th Grand Slam players Pete Sampras, in the early nineties S. Edberg, called Sampras successors R. Federer, Masters champion Toronto G. Canas, also from Brazil, like Sampras appearance of Andre Sa, are use Wilson rackets, WTA players more numerous, the top ten ranked WTA players are nearly half of all use Wilson rackets, such as the size of Williams, Davenport, Henin, has retired there 23 times a Grand Slam Graf.

Dunlop and Slazenger; is the United Kingdom the same group two well-known sports brands, to high-quality racket, especially the quality of the tennis world famous Maria. "D-hoop frame design patent, SHOK-BLOK; handle titanium wire shock absorber system enhances the anti-racket and the stability of torque applied to super-strong hope racket control, while a larger sweet area of increase in speed type of ordinary players.'s is Britain's Tim Henman General.

HEAD is the same as the old sports brand in Austria, the quality of not less than that of any competitor, particularly alarming is that its parent company is the world's first supplier of composite materials, its aerospace-grade carbon and super-ceramic in the industry the sole supplier of its products with unique performance, a great possession in the European market. Its players: Kaffir Kalashnikov.

Derived from the German enthusiasm for the pursuit of high-quality products for tennis, brand tennis star Boris Becker as the spokesman. Its products include safety helmets, snow equipment, lawn, mountain climbing packages, flooring, outdoor clothing, although the sun at high noon in Europe, but the visibility in the domestic limited to professional circles, its players: Banh Medicine Division (see large Wei star网羽plate presentation on this brand), I love their brand more!

The world's best ball of two lines and one of fittings suppliers, almost more than 50% of the world's top 100 professional tennis player to use only line BABOLAT balls and accessories, quality no doubt, highly regarded by the industry, the only shortcomings is expensive, so there is no well-known in China. In fact, only understand the BABOLAT, you will understand tennis to a new level, In addition, he produced more than a racket, but also a special one-gong.

Babolat (Babolat) from the famous French tennis brand, in particular, to take line and accessories particularly well-known, popular professional players favor, all kinds of racket is Babolat racket to racket Detection Test Center of the performance indicators, can be seen in the Babolat rackets the design of the authority.

  Babolat racket models produced small, but welcomed by the professional players,'s Pure Drive and Pure Control most representative. Moya, Escude, Corretja, Roddick's Babolat racket and so the use of Chinese have also used Michael's Pure Drive. I love their brand more!

Lost in finals of tennis team

"This was the most rewarding season of them all with wilson k six," said Dave Harris, who has tendered his resignation as coach of the Argonaut High School tennis team. "I had seven first-year varsity players and they all over-achieved."

Ending a run of seven years, five of them with Mother Lode League championships on the books, Harris expressed delight at the performances from his players that carried five of them deep into the Sac-Joaquin Section tournament.

"To have this team in three semis and two in the finals at section has probably never been done before in the history of Argonaut," he said.

Argonaut's mixed doubles pair, Breanna Peyton and Craighton Hancock, in their third year together, lost in the finals to a Colfax duo made up of that school's number one boy and number one girl.